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127th Infantry Regiment - March
143rd Field Artillery March
160th Infantry March
1863 Medley
2nd Regiment - Conn. Natl Guard March
Abba on Broadway
Abèlard and Hèloise Overture
Adagio E Tarantella (For Clarinet and Concert Band)
Adele Valse
Aida March (From G. Verdi's Opera)
Aida Selection
Aida Selection from G. Verdi's Opera
Air Pilot, The (March)
Al Fresco Intermezzo
Alba Gloriosa (Gran Marcia Sinfonica) 
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Alexander's Ragtime Band (Fox Trot)
Alita - (Wild Flower) Morceau
All American March
Allerseelen - All Souls' Day
Alone at Last Selection
Alte Kameraden Marsch
Amazing Grace for Concert Band, with Trombone or Trumpet Solo (For Speigle)
America The Beautiful
America, The Beautiful
America, the Beautiful/Hail, Columbia!
American Bugler, The (March and One-Step)
American Civil War Fantasy
American Fantasie
American Folk Rhapsody (Four American Folk Songs)
American Folk Rhapsody No. 3
American Gentleman March, The
American Legions Overture
American Patrol
American Rhapsody
American Riversongs (A Folk Song Setting for Band)
American Spirit March
Americans We
Amparito Roca Spanish March
Anchor's Aweigh (The Song of The Navy) March and Two-Step
Ange D' Amour Waltz
Angel (L'Angelo) Marcia Sinfonica, The
Angels' Serenade
Angelus (From Massenet's Scenes Pittoresques)
Anima Nobile Marcia Billante
Anima Vittoriosa
Anniversary March
Anniversary Waltz, The
Anvil Chorus
Apple Blossoms (A Tone Poem) Reverie
Apple Blossoms (Selection)
Ardore (Marcia Sinfonica)
Argentina March
Armed Forces Salute
Army Air Corps March, The (US Air Force March)
Army, The
Arrangers' Holiday (A Twinkle Wrinkle)
Artist's Life (Künstlerbeben) Waltz
Artist's Life (Waltz)
As Time Goes By (Fox-Trot)
Ashokan Farewell
At Dawning (I Love You)
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Silhouette
Ava Maria
Balkan Princess Selection, The
Ballad For Evening (Baritone Horn Solo with Band Accompaniment)
Ballet Parisien
Ballet, Dance of the Hours (La Gioconda)
Bandmen's Delight Overture, The
Bandology Concert March
Barber of Seville Overture
Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffmann
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March
Basking in the Sunshine Caprice
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Battle Hymn of the Republic, The
Battle of the Winds March
Beatlemania For Band
Beauties’ Charms Waltz
Becksonion March
Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel)
Beguine for Band
Bella Italia March (Marcia folkloristica)
Bells of San Miguel, The (Third movement from "Viva Mexico!")
Bells of St. Mary's, The
Ben Hur Patrol March
Beneath Thy Window (O Sole Mio)
Berliner Luft (Marsch) and Munchner Hetz und Gaudi (Humor-Marsch)
Bersaglieri March
Big Band Polka  (Medley of Pennsylvania Polka, My Melody of Love, and Beer Barrel Polka)
Big Band Spectacular (A Medley for Concert Band)
Bill Dillon Medley
Billboard March, The
Billboard's Bazar, The (Triumphal March)
Billy Blowhard Concert Polka
Bizet Has His Day (Based on Bizet's L'Arlesienne Suite)
Black Horse Troop March, The
Black Horse Troop, The (March)
Black Jack (March)
Black Jack March
Blue and the Gray, The (Civil War Suite)
Blue Bird Waltzes
Blue Danube  (An der schönen Donau) Waltz
Blue Moon
Blue Pride March (based on Homer C.S. Alma Mater)
Bombasto March
Boy Scouts of America Official March
Brass on Broadway
Bride-Elect March, The
Brigadoon Selection for Band
Bright Eyes Selection
Broadway Show-Stoppers Overture
Brulisan Marcia
Brunetta (Marcia brilliante)
Buglers Holiday - B-flat Cornet Trio with Band
Bugles on Parade March
Bullets and Bayonets March
Caderna March
Calif of Bagdad Overture, The
California Marcia Sinfonica
Call Has Come, The (Taps)
Calvary Funeral March
Calve Waltzes
Campaign Melodies
Campus Memories (Selection of College Songs)
Captain Anderson March
Captivator March, The
Carissima Waltz
Carmen Fantasia
Carmen Grand Selection from G. Bizet's Opera
Carmen Suite
Carnival of the Animals (First Suite)
Carnival of Venice (Cornet Solo)
Cartoon Carnival - A Medley for Concert Band
Castellano Spanish Waltz
Castles in Spain Characteristic March
Cecile Waltz Hesitation
Celebrated Waltz from Il Trovatore
Celebration March
Celebre Toreador (Curro Cuchares) Marcia Spagnola
Chant du Rossignol (Song of the Nightingale)
Charles County Overture
Cheerio (Sing and Whistle) March
Chicago Tribune March
Chimes of Liberty March, The
Chimes Of Victory March
Chin-Chin Selection
Chocolate Soldier Selection, The
Cieli Azzuri (Blue Skies) March Sinfonia
Circus Gallop
Ciribiribin Waltz
Civil War Suite
Civilta' (Maracia d'entrata)
Clarinet Polka
Clarinet Polka (Clarinet Solo)
Cocoanut Dance
Cole Porter Selection (original list)
Colonel Bogey March
Columbus Day March
Come On Red! You Red Hot Devil Man
Colwad (March for Band)
Comin' Round the Mountain Novelty
Comrades of the Legion March
Concordia (Marcia sinfonica)
Conway March and Two Step
Corcoran Cadets March, The
Corinthian Polka (Solo for Trombone or Baritone)
Coronation March from The Prophet and March from Tännhauser
Coronation March from The Prophet and Tännhauser March
Country Gardens English Morris Dance Tune
Cowboy Rhapsody
Cradle of Liberty March
Creatore's Band
Crosley March, The
Cuore d'Artista Marcia Sinfonica
Cyrus the Great Persian March
De Molay Commandery
Deep Purple
Deep River (Chorale Prelude)
Die Fledermaus Overture
Disney At The Oscars
Doctor De Luxe Selection
Don't Just Stand There! (Do Something)
Dreaming (Valse)
Duet from Norma Hear Me, Norma
Dunedin March
Dutchess Selection, The
E Pluribus Unum March
Each Time You Tell Their Story
Early Eighties of Columbia (March), The and Mem'ries (Golden Memory Days)
Egyptian (L'Egiziana) Marcia Sinfonica, The
Ein Märchen Fantasie
El Capitan March
Ellington Portrait, An
Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral Feierlicher Zug zum Münster from Lohengrin
Emperor Waltz
Ensenada Spanish Overture
Entrantress Selection, The
Entry of the Gladiators (Einzug der Gladiatoren) March also known as Thunder and Blazes March
Entry of the Gladiators March of Triumph and Midsummer Waltz
Entry of the Gladiators Triumphal March
Ermina March Militare Military March
España Nuestra Pasodoble
Esprit Du Corps March
Evelina (Marcia Caratteristica)
Evolution of Dixie, The
Fairest of the Fair March, The
Fanfara e Marcia Reale
Fanfare Mazurka Militaire
Fanfare/Star Spangled Banner
Fantasia Napoliana
Fantasy for Band for Concert Band
Fantasy on American Sailing Songs
Father of Liberty
Father of Victory March
Faust (Selection)
Fedelta' (Marcia eroica)
Feist Popular-Standard Band Medley No. 1, Consisting of: When You Wore A Tulip, Ramona, Dear Old Girl, The Rangers Song (from Rio Rita), Three O'Clock in the Morning
Fest Overture in C (Turandot)
Festival March
Fiddler on the Roof (Warren Barker's Great Broadway Moments)
Fior di Maggio (Flower of May) Waltz
First Suite in Eb for Military Band
Flight of the Flutes (Flute Quartet with Band Accompaniment)
Florentiner March (Grande Marcia Italiana)
Flourish For Wind Band
Flying Fortress March
Folk Song Suite For Military Band
Footlifter March, The
Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway Medley Selection
Fra Diavalo Overture
Franz Schubert Overture
Freedom Forever (Concert March)
French National Défilé
Friendly Rivals, The
From Sea to Shining Sea (An American Overture)
From Tropic to Tropic
Frozen Bill Rag
Fugue No. IV (from The Well-tempered Clavier, Book 1)
Funeral March
Funiculi Funicula
Gardes du Corps March
Gay Butterfly (Gal Papillon) The Farrar Waltz Song. Cornet Solo
Gemma (Marcia Brilliante)
Generale Umberto Nobile (Marcia)
Gentry's Triumphal March (Dedicated to Gentry's famous dog and pony show)
George Gershwin Selection
Gershwin - A Medley (for Concert Band)
Gershwin Fantasy, A
Gershwin in Concert (Overture)
Giancarlo (Scherzo marciabile)
Gigi Selection for Concert Band
Gilbert and Sullivan Soufflé
Gilda (Marcia Sinfonica)
Gioconda Selection from A Ponchielli's Opera
Gioia (Marci brillante)
Girl I Left Behind Me (From the Irish Suite), The
Girl In Satin, The
Giuliana Marca sinfonica
Gladiator March, The
Gloria (Marcia sinfonica)
Gloria March
Glorification March
Glory of the Trumpets March
Glory of the Yankee Navy March, The
Glory Saw Mill River Road (The Same Old Story) Fox Trot
God Bless America
Gold and Silver Waltz
Golden Dragon Overture, The
Golden Hive Overture, The  (La Ruche D'or)
Golden Sceptre Overture, The
Golden Sunset Waltzes
Good Old Days Sing-A-Long
Good Old USA, The
Grand American Fantasia (America for ever)
Grand Baritone Fantasia - Il Trovatore
Grand National Medley Overture
Grand Selection from La Traviata (In two parts)
Grand Selection from P. Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana
Grand Selection from The Huguenots
Grand Selection Rigoletto
Grayson Grays March
Great Themes from Great Italian Movies
Guadalcanal March
Guy Mannering Overture
Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here March
Hail, Land All Glorious (Pomp and Circumstance)
Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here (What the Deuce Do We Care) March-Two Step
Hall of Fame (Concert March)
Hands Across The Sea March
Hava Nagila
Hear That Dixie Land Band
Heart of America March
Heart of Paddywhack Selection, The
On Melodies from Chauncey Olcott's New Production
Herbert L Clarke's Triumphal March
Hermit (L'eremita) Marcia Sinfonica
High High High Up In The Hills (Watching the Clouds Roll By) Fox - Trot
Highlanders, The March
Highlights from Camelot
Highlights from Carousel
Highlights from Exodus for Concert Band
Highlights from FROZEN (from Disney's Animated Feature FROZEN)
Highlights from Gigi
Highlights from My Fair Lady
Highlights from Oklahoma
Highlights from Oliver!
Highlights from South Pacific
Highlights from The King and I
Highlights from The Sound of Music
Highlights from West Side Story
His Honor March
Hoagy Carmichael in Concert
Home Song
Homefront, The (Musical Memories From World War II)
Honey Moon (Luna Di Miele) Romanza
Honor and Glory
Hootenanny Folk Festival for Band
Hungarian Dance (Nos. 5 & 6)
Hymn of Thanksgiving, A (We Gather Together)
I Cacciatori (Gran Marcia)
I Diavoli Rossi (Marcia Sinfonica)
I Due Foscari (Duett for B-flat Cornet and Baritone)
I Want a Girl (Just Like the Girl)
If I Knew you were Comin' I'd 've Baked a Cake
Il Guarany Overture
Il Militare March
Impassioned Dream Waltz
In The Miller Mood
In Their Honor
Indian Summer Two Step Intermezzo
Inglesina (Marcia Sinfonia)
INGLESINA The Little English Girl (Scherzo Marciabile)
Innamorati (Happy Lovers) Polka
Intermezzo Gavotte
Intermezzo Sempre Giovine (Always Young)
Interrupted Rendez-vous, The (Caprice - Intermezzo)
Introduction Act III, and Bridal Chorus From Lohengrin
Invasion March (Marche Envahissement)
Invercargill March
Invicta Overture for Band
Invincible America March
Invincible Eagle March, The
Iolanthe Overture
Irish Tune From County Derry & Shepherd's Hey (for Military Band)
Irresistible March
Irving Berlin - A Symphonic Portrait
Isis Intermezzo
Italian Holiday
Italian National Anthem
Italian Polka
Italian Rhapsody
Italian Songs March
Janice Meredith Waltzes
JcPenney Selections - Incl: Norwich Cadets, The (1857); Federal March, The (1788); America (1770); President Garfield's Inaugural March (1881); Anthem from America (1927); The Dream Is America (1975); N.Y. Light Guards Quickstep (1839)
Jolly Robbers (Bandilenstreiche) Overture
Joyce's 71st Regiment March
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Keep the Home-Fires Burning (Till The Boys Come Home)
Killarney Song/Baby’s Sweetheart Serenade
King Cotton March
King Rose Overture
Kiss Me Goodnight Fox Trot
Kiss Me Kate
Kiss Waltz from Merry War
Kisses (Intermezzo)
Kisses Valse D'Amour
Kittiwake Waltz
Klaxon March
Kukuska Russian Peasant Dance
L'Addio a Napoli
L'Adriatica (Marcia Sinfonica)
L'Arle'sienne (Suite de Concert No I.)
L'estudiantina Waltz
La Belle Roumaine Waltz
La Confession Valse
La Czarine Mazurka Russe
La Danza Italiana (Album di Ballabili Italiani)
La Feria Suite Espagnole
La Gazza Ladra (The Thievish Magpie) Overture
La Paloma (Spanish Serenade)
La Paloma, Spanish Serenade
La Sèrènade (Valse Espagnole)
La Soiree Waltzes
La Sorella (March on Spanish Themes)
La Traviata Duetto dell' Atto II (Pura siccome un angelo)
Lady Luxury Selection
Lady of Spain
Lady of Spain Concert Band Arrangement
Lady of the Slipper Selection, The
Largo from Antonin Dvorak's 5th Symphony From the New World
Lassus Trombone (De Cullud Valet to Miss Trombone)
Latin American Symphonette (Rhumba)
Laughing Graces Intermezzo
Lazarre Waltzes
Leathernecks March, The (Introducing The Marines Hymn - The Halls of Montezuma)
Les Hirondelles (The Swallows) Idylle
Les Prèludes
Les Voyagers (The March of the 40 and 8)
Let a Smile be Your Umbrella (On a Rainy Day)
Let There Be Peace On Earth
Letizia (Marcia sinfonica)
Liberty (Liberta) Marcia Sinfonica
Liberty Bell March, The
Liberty Bell, The
Life A Dream Overture (Das Leben ein Traum)
Light Cavalry
Light Cavalry Overture
Lincoln Funeral March (In memory of a Country's Martyred Father)
Lincoln Portrait
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Lincolnshire Posy (Nr. 34)
Lion King, The - Broadway Selections
Little Blue Cap (Polka for Trombone)
Little Boy Blue Selection from the Operetta by Henri Berèny
Little Giant, The (March)
Little Italy (Piccola Italia) Marcia Sinfonica
Little Scotch, A (Bonnie Novelty)
Little Teresa Marcia Sinfonica
Londonderry Air (Old Irish Melody)
Longest Day, The
Longing - Suite of Four-A/Meeting (A Love Song) - Suite of Four-B
Love Song (Quartet and Ensemble)
Love Sparks Waltzes
Loveland Waltz
Lucky Slim (Colonel Lindberg March)
Lustspiel Overture
Madame Sherry Selection
Magic of Andrew Lloyd Webber, The
Man Who Owns Broadway, The (Selection)
Mancini Spectacular
Mancini! (A Medley for Concert Band)
Manhattan Beach March
Manhattan Serenade
March - Big Demonstration
March Amacur
March Defenders of Liberty
March Forward America
March National Emblem
March of the Bersaglieri (Italian Riflemen)
March of the Slide Trombones
March Religioso (Onward Christian Soldiers)
March Swing Along
March The Spotlight
March, OP 99
Marching Cha Cha
Marcia Orientale (Oriental March)
Maria, Mari
Marines' Hymn, The (From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli)
Marseillaise, The / Maple Leaf Forever, The
(French and Canadian National Songs)
Martha Overture
Mayflower (Fior di Maggio) Marcia Sinfonica
Mazeppa Overture
Meeting (A Love Song) Suite of Four - B
Mem'ries (Golden Memory Days)/Early Eighties of Columbia (March), The
Men of Honor March
Men of Music March
Men of Ohio
Mermaids, The (Duet for 2 Cornets, 2 Trombones or Baritones, or Cornet and Trombone/Baritone)
Merry Widow, The (Die Lustige Wittwe) Selection
Merry Wives of Windsor Overture
Message, The (Concertino for Trombone)
Mighty Lak' a Rose (Waltz Hesitation)
Military Escort March
Mill on the Cliff, The (Die Felsenmühle) Overture
Minuteman (Concert March) (Mainstay of the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal)
Miss Dolly Dollars Selection (A Musical Comedy)
Mobilization March
Moonlight on the Hudson Waltz
Moonlight Wanderings
Moorside March (from A Moorside Suite)
Morning Seranade, A
My Cavalier (Spanish Waltz Song)
My Fair Lady (Selection for Concert Band)
My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice (Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix) Cantabile from Samson & Dalila Solo for Cornet, Trombone, or Baritone
Nabucodonosor Overture
Nanine (Grande Fantaisie Polka) For 1 or 2 B-flat Clarinets
National Airs of the Allies
National Spirit March
Naughty Marietta Selection
NC-4 March, The
New Colonial March, The
New York: 1927
New Yorker, The
Nibelungen March
Nights of Gladness Valse
Noble Men March
Norma Overture
North Pole (Polo Nord) Marcia Sinfonia
North Pole, The (Overture)
Novena (Rhapsody for Band)
Nr. 32. Ye Banks And Braes O'Bonnie Doon - Scottish Folk Song
Oberon Overture
Official West Point March
Oh! Min
Oklahoma Selection
Oklahoma! Selection for Orchestra
Old Comrades March
Old Dutch Selection
Old Favorites - Selection of Well Known Standard Songs
Old Grumbly Bear, The
Old Refrain, The (Viennese Popular Song)
Old Timers Waltz
Old Vienna Overture
Olympia Hippodrome March
Olympian Festival March
Olympics: A Centennial Celebration, The
On the Alert March
On the Bosporus - Turkish Intermezzo
On the Mall March
On Wings Of Eagles Concert March
One Kiss By Sigmund Romberg
Only Girl, The (Selection)
Only Girl, The (Waltz - Hesitation)
Onore D'Una Banda Marcia Sinfonica
Onward Laconia March
Original Dixieland Concerto
Orphan Girls (L'Orfanelle) Marcia Sinfonica
Orpheus in der Unterwelt Overture
Our Director March
Our Navy (U.S.) Lancers
Outdoor Overture, An
Over the Top
Overture - Raymond
Overture 1812
Overture from Bye Bye Birdie (A Broadway Musical)
Overture Lustspiel
Overture Militaire
Overture Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna
Overture on Rossini's Stabat Mater
Overture on Slavonic Melodies
Overture Phédre
Overture Pique Dame
Overture Sounds Fr. The Sunny South (On the Old Plantation)
Overture The Chocolate Soldier
Panorama Bay Waltz
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (Die Parade der Holzoldaten) (La Parade Des Soldats De Bois)
Paradise (Paradiso) Marcia Sinfonica
Paratroopers on Parade
Pasadena Day March
Passing Caravan, The (Patrol)
Paving the Way March
Peace and Prosperity
Peer Gynt Suite
Pegasus (Concert March)
Peggy O'Neal Waltzes
Pennywhistle Jig (From the film Molly Maguires)
Petunia (Quadrllle)
Phantom Brigade - A Dream Picture, The
Phédre Overture
Piccolo Pic (Humoresque)
Pilgrim, The (Grand March)
Pilgrims (I-Pellegrini) Marcia Sinfonia, The
Pines of the Appian Way, The (from Pines of Rome)
Pink Lady Selection, The
Pink Lady Valse, The
Pleasant Recollections - A Medley of Old-Time Favorites
Pluto Marcia Sinfonica
Poesia Pastorale (A Pastoral Poem) and  Les Hirondelles
Poet and Peasant Overture
Poeta e Contadino Marcia Sinfonica
Poetica Waltz
Pop & Rock Legends: Music of the Beatles
Precious Lord, Take My Hand
Prelude & Finlandia (Tone Poem)
Prelude and Fugue in G Minor
Prima Donna Selection, The
Princess of India Overture
Princess Pat Waltzes, The
Prophet (Il Propeta) Marcia Sinfonica, The
Public School Band March
Purple Carnival March, The
Pythian March
Quality-Plus (March)
Quo Vadis Symphonic March
R.A.F. March (The official march of the Royal Air Force)
Radetzky March
Rag Doll
Raymond (The Queen's Secret) Overture
Red, White and Blue Waltz On American Airs
Remembrance Of Colonel Miner (March)
Reminiscences of the South
Reminiscences of Verdi Grand Selection from his favorite Operas
Repasz Band March
Rest Spirit Rest/Choral - Aus tiefer Noth
Reveille (Harmonized) & Star Spangled Banner, The (The Trumpeting Arrangement)
Reveriè (Quartet and Ensemble)
Riders for the Flag March
Rigoletto Canzone e Quartetto
Road King March
Robinson's Grand Entree March
Roccaraso (Marcia Brillante) / Alba Gloriosa (Gran Marcia Sinfonica) / Crepuscolo (Marcia Sinfonica)
Rock, Rhythm and Blues
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (Descriptive Paraphrase)
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (Solo for Baritone or B-flat Cornet)
Rock 'N' Roll Explosion!
Rolling Thunder March
Roman Carnival Overture (Le Carnaval Romain), The
Rosalind Waltzes
Rosamunde Overture
Roses from The Folral Suite - A
Roses Honeymoon Reverie, The
Rossini's William Tell Overture
Royal Italian March / The Royal March Spain
Royal Scotch Highlanders March
Royal Trumpeters March, The/Sweetheart Farewell Serenade (for Cornet or Baritone)
Rushmore (A Symphonic Prologue For Winds)
Russian Sailors' Dance from The Red Poppy
Russlan and Ludmilla Overture
Saint Louis Blues March
Saints' Hallelujah, The
Salut À Pesth Hungarian March
Salute to Bob Hope
San Francisco March
Sangro in Fiore (Marcia Sinfonica)
Sarasota March
Scandinavian Scenes
Sea Songs
Second Selection Florodora
Second Suite in F for Military Band
Selection Ermine
Selection from A Stubborn Cinderella
Selection From Algeria
Selection from Babes In Toyland
Selection from Balfe's Opera: The Bohemian Girl
Selection from Jakobowski's Comic Opera Erminie
Selection from Lowe, Schindler and Jerome's Opera Comique The Isle of Spice
Selection from Otto Hauerbach and Rudolf Friml's Musical Frace High Jinks
Selection from Puccini's Madame Butterfly
Selection from Reginald de Koven's Comic Opera Red Feather
Selection from Rosenfeld & Sloane's Comic Opera The Mockingbird
Selection from Sweethearts (Comic Opera)
Selection from The Blue Paradise
Selection from the Comedy-Opera The Firefly
Selection from the Comic Opera Foxy Quiller
Selection from the Comic Opera Love’s Lottery
Selection from The Fortune Teller
Selection From The Free Lance
Selection from the Midnight Sons
Selection from the Musical Comedy Fantana
Selection from the Musical Comedy Mr. Pickwick
Selection from the Musical Fantasy Woodland
Selection from the Opera The Bohemians
Selection from The Red Mill
Selection from The Runaways
Selection from The Singing Girl
Selection from the Successful Musical Comedy The Prince of Pilsen
Selection from The Time, The Place and The Girl
Selection from Verdi's Opera Il Trovatore
Selection from Verdi's Opera Rigoletto
Selection from Ziegfeld's Rio Rita (The Radio Picture Screen Operetta)
Selection of Noel Coward Songs, A
Selection Sari (Der Zigeunerprimas)
Selection The Catch of the Season From the Musical Comedy
Selection The Mayor of Tokio (A Farcical Japanese Opera)
Selection The Princess Pat
Selections from Annie
Selections from Fiddler on the Roof
Selections from H.M.S. Pinafore
Selections from Les Miserables
Selections from Oliver! for Concert Band
Selections from The Music Man
Semiramide Overture
Semper Fidelis March (with Trumpet and Drum Corps)
Semper Paratus (Official Coast Guard Marching Song)
Serenade and Am Meer (By The Sea)
Serenade d' Autrefois (Serenata Medioevale)
Serenade of the Bells
Shades of Night (Intermezzo)
Shout! Wherever You May Be I Am An American
Show Boat Selection
Shriner's Parade March, The
Sidewalks of New York, The
Silver Spangles (Circus March)
Skibbereen Sheik, The (A Shriner's Frolic)
Skyrocket March
Slavonic Rhapsody
Sleighride Party, A
Sobre Las Olas (Over the Waves) Waltz
Softly Unawares! (Heimlich, still und leise!) Idyl
Sogni D'Oriente (Gran Valzer Da Concerto)
Somnambula (Theme and Variations)
Song of India, A (From the Legend SADKA) and Au Bord D'un Ruisseau (At the Brook)
Songs From The Old Folks (Grand Selection)
Sons of Veterans March
Sophisticated Ladies (Duke Ellington's)
Sor Nino (Marcia brillante)
Sorosis (Waltz)
Soul Kiss Selection, The
Sound of Music, The (Selection for Concert Band)
Sounds from Italy (Selection of Italian Airs)
South American Way
South Rampart Street Parade
Southern Rhapsody
Southern Roses (Rosen aus dem Suden) Waltz
Spanish Dances, No. 2 and 5, from Op.12
Spirit of '76, The
Spirit of Progress (March)
Spring Chicken, The (Selection of Richard Carle's Successful Numbers from)
Springtime (Im Frühling) Overture
Springtime Waltz
St. Cecile (Gavotte)
St. Louis Blues March
Star Spangled Banner (Version as used in the Joseph E. Maddy Band Folio)/America (My country 'tis of thee)
Star Spangled Banner/America
Star Spangled Spectacular
Star Wars (Main Theme)
Stars and Stripes Forever March, The
State Fair (Rodgers and Hammerstein's New)
Stephen Foster Revisited
Stradella Overture
Strike Up The Band
Strike up the Band March
Stumbling (Fox Trot)
Suite from Water Music
Suite in Minor Mode for Band
Suite Italienne
Suite of Old American Dances
Sunny Italy Waltz (On Italian Airs)
Sunny South, The
Sunshine Girl, The (Selection)
Swanee River Moon (Waltz)
Sweetheart (Dolce Cuore) March Sinfonica
Sweethearts (Waltz)
Sybil Selection
Symbol of Honor (March)
Tales from the Vienna Woods Waltz
Tea For Two
Teddy Bears Picnic, The (Characteristic Novelty)
Tempelweihe (Festival Overture)
Them Basses March
Theme From Love Story
Theme From New York, New York
Theme From New York, New York (Hal Leonard Band Series)
Theme from Profiles in Courage (The John F. Kennedy March)
Theme From Schindler's List
Themes Like Old Times (I)
Themes Like Old Times II
Themes Like Old Times III
Themes Like Old Times IV
There's a Small Hotel
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Third Century March
Three Blind Mice At the Night Club Floor Show
Three Chorales (for warm-up and tuning)
Three Dances from Henry VIII
Three Songs of Colonial America
Three Star Polka, The
Three Twins Selection
Thunderer March, The
To Reap The Blessings Of Freedom
Tobasco (Ragtime Waltz)
Torch of Liberty March
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (American Fantasia)
Transcontinental March
Treasure State March, The
Trento e Trieste (Marcia Militare)
Tribute to Irving Berlin
Tripoli (Marcia Sinfonica)
Triumphal March from Aida
Trombone Rag
Tuba Tiger Rag
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Two Little Bulfinches, The
Two Moods Overture
U.S. Field Artillery, The
Ultimate Patriotic Sing-Along, The
Uncle Tom (Plantation Overture)
Under a Circus Tent Overture
Under the Double Eagle March
Under the Rose Waltzes
United We Stand
Untitled March, The
V.F.W. (Veterans of Foreign Wars) March
V.P.I. Cadet March
Va, Pensiero from Nabucco
VALDRES (Norwegian March)
Valse - Caprice
Valse Annette
Valse Danseuse
Valse Elaine (Hesitation)
Valse June (Hesitation or Boston)
Valse Viennoise
Vanished Army, The (They Never Die)
Variations on a Shaker Melody (from Appalachin Spring)
Variations on the Theme Pop! Goes The Weasel For Symphonic Band
Victory At Sea
Victory Overture
Violetta March
Vision of Salome, A (Descriptive Fantasie)
Visions Of A Beautiful Woman Waltz
Vittoriosi (Marcia d'entrata)
Walt Disney Overture
Wanderer, The (Polka)
Wanderers Ziel (Wanderer's Goal) Overture
War-Songs of the Boys in Blue (Medley Overture)
Warblers' Serenade, The (A Musical Travestie)
Washington Grays
Washington Post March
We The People
Wedding of the Winds - Waltz
West Side Story Selection
Westchester Overture, A
When Jesus Wept (Prelude for Band)
When The Saints Go Marching In Dixieland March
When The Saints Go Marching In March
Whistler and His Dog, The (Caprice)
Wiffenpoof Song (Baa ! Baa! Baa!), The
Wine, Woman and Song (Wein, Weib und Gesang) Waltz
Within These Hallowed Halls
Woodwind Rag, The
World War Medley Over There , The (A Selection of American World War Songs)
Yankee Rhythm (A Medley)
You Made Me Love You
You're A Grand Old Flag (Band Spectacular)
Yuletide Echoes (A Selection of Favorite Christmas Songs)
Zampa Overture
Zing Zing - ZOOM ZOOM

Plus, many marches that have yet to be catalogued, that were generously donated to us by Cortland High School.



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