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Officers Descriptions

PRESIDENT: The president shall preside at all meetings of members and at all meetings of the Executive Board, and shall supervise and manage all the business and affairs of the organization, subject to the control of the directors. The president shall have the power to sign all contracts or other instruments in the name of the organization, to sign checks or notes and orders for the payment of monies, and to appoint and discharge members to conduct the business of the band organization, subject to the approval of the directors. The president shall perform all of the duties usually incident to that office, including serving as ex-officio member of all committees, except nominating committees.

VICE PRESIDENT: The vice president shall, in the absence or disability of the president, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the president.

SECRETARY: The secretary shall keep all of the minutes of the Executive Board, and all of the minutes of the membership meetings. The secretary shall give notice or cause to be given notice of all meetings to those who are entitled to notice; shall have charge of the organizationís books and records, and, in general, perform all duties incident to that office.

TREASURER: The treasurer shall have custody of all funds, securities and other valuable documents of the organization. When necessary or proper, the treasurer shall endorse on behalf of the organization all checks, notes, and other obligations, and shall deposit same to the credit of the organization. The treasurer shall receive and give receipts, and shall authorize payments (co-signed by the President if over $200) from the funds of the organization for all just debts of the organization. The treasurer shall keep or cause to be kept full and accurate accounts of all money received and paid out on account of the organization; and shall render a statement of accounts whenever asked by the president or the Executive Board. The treasurer shall prepare annually a final report of the Bandís financial activity and status, and a financial budget for the pending yearís income and expenditures, for presentation at the annual membership meeting.

LIBRARIAN/MUSIC MANAGER: Catalog and maintain accurate files of band music scores. Organize secure storage facilities. Establish and control out-of-file procedures. Assist the Music Director in locating and accessing music scores, and prepare instrumental music folders for each planned concert.

BUSINESS MANAGER: Contact prospective concert clients and develop booking arrangements in a timely fashion to allow appropriate notice and personal scheduling by the band membership. Provide written and signed agreements for each gig, establishing fair and equitable performance fees and staging conditions. Publish and maintain a seasonal schedule of planned and committed concerts. Assure receipt of all engagement fees and promptly deliver to the Band Treasurer.

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE: Three members-at-large positions shall complete the complement of officers on the Executive Board. Their duties are to provide counsel and advice in the functioning of the organization, and to provide leadership, as required, for specific tasks needing development by the board for the good of the band. Prime consideration shall be given to past presidents or past conductors for these positions.

Appointed Position Descriptions

All band members are welcome to volunteer their services on a band committee. Currently, those committee positions are:

PROPERTY/EQUIPMENT MANAGER: Assure transport of all stage equipment to the concert site. Lead volunteers in timely stage setup prior to concert. Arrange and maintain safe storage of all band equipment. Create and maintain an inventory of all Band-owned equipment, including library files and copier.

PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER: Prepare and arrange for timely publicity releases throughout the concert season. Develop personal contacts at appropriate print and electronic news media sources to help coordinate band publicity and insure public awareness of band functions and events. Coordinate with bandís web Master to help publicize upcoming events and schedule changes on web-based media.

MEMBERSHIP MANAGER: Develop and maintain membership information records for establishing current contact numbers, instrument skills and experience, and volunteer interests within the Band. Assist with recruitment.

WEB/DATABASE MANAGER: Create and maintain a secure online presence, and an e-mail address for band communications. Establish and monitor social online network accounts within the authorized limits of the Executive Board. Also, create and maintain a database for storing information about the band's music catalog.

FUNDRAISING MANAGER: Coordinate the fundraising efforts of the band. Work with the treasurer and band members to set up activities that bring in revenue for the band, to be used for scholarships, equipment, music, and other band needs.

AUDIO EQUIPMENT MANAGER: Assumes responsibility for band's audio equipment, including storage, transport,schedule of maintenance, and set-up.

ATTENDANCE CHAIRMAN: Monitor attendance of members at rehearsals and performances.

SOCIAL DIRECTOR: Plan and arrange social gatherings for members, (and their families on occasion) to promote closer relationships within the Band, particularly in introducing new members.




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